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Bring the action and vivid HD graphics of Big Buck Hunter® Pro  home to your flat screen with Sure Shot HD!

Sure Shot HD TV Complete Video Game System

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Realistic aiming
and bullseye
Online tournament
play, rival challenges
& leaderboards
wireless gun
High Definition
play compatible

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Download and play additional great shooting games and content from the online Sure Shot Shop including Major Mayhem and Big Buck Hunter Pro® OPEN SEASON expansion pack.


The #1 shooting game is now even better with the Open Season Expansion Pack! Big Buck Hunter Pro Open Season will astound players with life-like realism and an unbelievable amount of game play depth. Plus, even more head-to-head action!

  • 180 new levels
  • 24 new critters
  • 9 new hunting treks
  • 3 more action-packed adventures
  • 9 more exciting bonus games

Join Major Mayhem in a quest to fend off ninjas, mummies, secret agents and more! Fans of the popular mobile and PC/Mac game can rise to the occasion as Major Mayhem to save the world!

  • 25+ million downloads on mobile and PC
  • 45 levels of non-stop action
  • 100 achievements
  • 3 environments: Tropics, Metropolis, Desert
  • Unique weapons, costumes and hats
  • Save the world, and your girlfriend

A Thug In Time is a top-down shooter that takes you on a journey through time! Kai is a chosen time traveler, instructed to collect time crystals scattered throughout time, in order to save humanity from future destruction!

  • 35 unique weapons
  • 20 varying enemies
  • 8 mini-bosses and their bosses
  • 65 levels throughout the Viking-Age,
    Wild West, 1930′s Chicago,
    and modern-day New York
  • Download an always growing library of free and premium shooting games as well as expansion packs for existing games
  • Socialize and compete in virtual tournaments for pride and prizes and be matched in head to head matches with “Rival challenges”

More blockbuster games coming soon
to the Sure Shot HD Video Game System!

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