Sure Shot HD Video Game System

High-Definition Arcade Style Gameplay

Sure Shot HD brings your favorite arcade games home
to your flat screen TV in stunning 1080p high resolution.

Sure Shot HD TV Complete Video Game System

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Sure Shot HD Console

Easily Connects to your TV with One HDMI Cable

Sure Shot HD Console Back Features

Sure Shot HD Console Front Features

  • Built-in memory to store up to 12 Sure Shot HD games
  • Cloud storage for anytime-access to all of your purchased Sure Shot HD games
  • Advanced CPU provides vivid graphics and heart pounding action
  • Built in wireless for easy connection to the Sure Shot Shop and features

Realistic aiming
and bullseye accuracy

High Definition

Download additional
games online from
the Sure Shot Shop

Online tournament
play, rival challenges
& leaderboards

Play Head-to-Head for More Fun!


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