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This is the result of some TVs whose USB port has a power output of less than 2.0 Amps. Please use a USB DC Power Adapter* (not included), with at least 2.0 Amps and plug it into a standard wall outlet. This will provide enough power for the Sure Shot HD Base to function properly.

*A USB DC Power Adapter comes with most cell phones and can be used to provide adequate power to the Sure Shot Base.


Please make sure you have fresh batteries in the gun controller. Low battery levels can greatly affect the shooting accuracy. Also, make sure you’re standing between 6 to 8 feet from the Sure Shot HD set top for smaller TVs and 8 to 10 feet for larger TVs.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, try re-calibrating the gun. To restart the calibration sequence, pull back and hold the pump on the gun controller for 5 seconds. It is recommended to re-calibrate when you start, change the distance or shooting angle, or change the lighting in the room.

We have released a new update for Big Buck Hunter Pro™ that addresses the sensitivity of recalibration. Check your version by bringing up the in-game Hub and compare it to the latest version that is live (version 1.3 or higher).

If you need to update your version of Big Buck Hunter Pro™, please connect your SSHD system to Wi-Fi and select Update on Big Buck Hunter Pro™ on your My Games list. You will need to have a Sure Shot HD account to get the latest game update.

Many TVs these days have extra image processing that creates better cinema quality experiences, but this extra processing can also create large amounts of input lag for all gaming consoles.

For the best gaming experience, make sure your TV is set to Game Mode. Here’s how to enable Game Mode for some of the major TV brands.

Use your remote to navigate to “Setup”, and then going to “General”. You will see an option for “Game Mode”. Use your remote to enable this option.

LG Electronics
Use your remote to navigate to the Picture menu and select “Picture Mode”. Within this menu, there is an option for “Game”. Select Game to enable the mode.

Use your remote to navigate to “Picture Settings” and change the “AV MODE” setting to “Game”.

Look on your remote for a button labeled “Scene” and press it. Once pressed, it will bring up a scene selection menu pictured below. Simply select “Game” and it will select Game Mode for you.

Use your remote to navigate to the “Picture” menu. Once in the menu, select between different modes until you find the “Game” setting.

Check your HDMI cable to make sure it is properly seated into your TV and the Sure Shot HD system. If the problem persists, please try another HDMI cable and / or another HDMI port on your television.
The set top should be centered above or below the TV for proper coverage of the LED lights on your TV screen.

Set up above the TV is recommended for TVs up to 65 inches. Set up below is recommended only for TVs up to 43 inches.

The Sure Shot HD set-top box will automatically go into sleep mode 5 minutes after losing a Bluetooth connection with a Sure Shot HD gun controller. To completely shut down the set-top unplug the USB power cord from the power source or back of the set-top box.
You can get the latest software for your Sure Shot HD system by creating a Sure Shot HD account and connecting to Wi-Fi.

Automatic updates to the Sure Shot HD system occur when you are logged in. You can also check if you have the latest software by going into the Settings menu within Profile and then select Update.

To create a Sure Shot HD account, choose Sure Shot Login from the Welcome screen or choose Switch Profile from the My Games Screen.

Enter the required information (First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, Username, Avatar) to create your profile. To save your account you will need to be connected to Wi-Fi.

You’ll need a registered Sure Shot HD account to play tournaments, download additional content or buy other games.

Your Sure Shot HD account is an online community exclusive to Sure Shot HD gaming systems and is not compatible with any other networks including the coin op Big Buck Hunter network. All leaderboards, tournaments, and rival challenges are maintained only in the Sure Shot HD network.
You can connect to Wi-Fi by accessing the Wi-Fi menu from the main page or by creating a Sure Shot HD account.

Select your Wi-Fi Access Point from the available Wi-Fi connections and enter your password. You can also manually set up your Wi-Fi connection by selecting the Manual Setup button.

On the password entry screen, leave the password blank and choose DONE.
2 gun controllers are required for playing head to head. These are available from the SureShot HD website.
Sign up for an account on your Sure Shot HD system. Connect your Sure Shot HD system to the Internet according to the instruction manual. Choose the Sure Shot Shop from the Sure Shot HD system menu and browse the games available for download.
Currently, Sure Shot HD is available only in the US and Canada. We are working with distributors to get it out to the rest of the world as soon as possible.

Sure Shot HD Warranty Policy

Super Happy Fun Fun warrants the Sure Shot HD for a period of 30 days from purchase. All returns require original receipt documentation.  Please hold on to your sales receipt.  Super Happy Fun Fun warrants to the original purchaser that this product is free from defects in either material or workmanship.  If a defect covered by this warranty occurs Super Happy Fun Fun, will replace or issue a credit the product. Re-stocking fees may be incurred if the product is returned missing accessories, damaged, or found not to be defective.   The Sure Shot HD system is tested to withstand normal wear and tear, but is not indestructible and can be damaged if misused.  This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or abusive use.  This warranty does not apply to products used for any industrial, professional or commercial purpose.  This warranty does not apply to products that have been damaged by abuse, misuse, modification or tampering or by any other cause not relating to either materials or workmanship.

Sure Shot HD Online Return Policy

Customers may return their Sure Shot HD system for any reason within 30 days of purchase.  All returns require original receipt documentation.  Please hold on to your sales receipt.  Products that are returned that are not considered defective are subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.  All products found defective due to material or workmanship and sent back in good condition with all accessories will be exchanged or refunded 100% of the purchase cost.

If you would like to return your Sure Shot HD system please email the request to support@sureshothd.com with you order confirmation and the reason for returning your product.

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